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Developer Diaries

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·Jan 19, 2021·

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I started a series called, "Developer Diaries" on my YouTube channel about 2 months ago, in which we discuss their journey, difficulties faced, life lessons, and students interact with them too, and till now I have interacted with 8 awesome developers, I personally learned a lot of things from them.


  • Shruti Balasa: Full Stack Web Developer, Mentor & Course Creator, Laravel Evangelist.

Her YouTube channel.

  • Harsh Bardhan: MLH Fellow • Developer Outreach @ Deep Source • Tech Lead @ DSC-SIST • Web Developer • Microsoft Learn β Student Ambassador • Technical Blogger.
  • Siddharth Dayalwal: Community Intern at Progate, a mentor at MLH Summer League events, Google Crowdsource Influencer, Coding Blocks Ambassador, and Lead Organizer for Hack This Fall Hackathon.
  • Vedant Khairnar: Dev, Founder@NeoVantium, Co-Founder@DevScript, Intern@Tesselate Imaging, Beta Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, DSC RCOEM Core, AI Mentor@Tesseract Coding, FOSS enthusiast.
  • Akash Bhandwalkar: 5 years experienced Web developer with expertise in ReactJs, HTML, CSS. He is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer in Clairvoyant Pvt Ltd.
  • Apoorve Goyal: Web Technologies, Scraping, Data Science Enthusiast, Mentor @HacOff 3.0, @L-ByDo, TechnicalSpecialist @Devscript, Speaker.

  • Eddie Jaoude: Full-Stack Engineer with 15+ years of experience, GitHub Star, GitHub Star of the Year 🌟, DevRel, YouTuber Movie camera, FreeCodeCamp coach.

His YouTube channel.

Lessons I learned

  • Consistency is key.
  • In the beginning, the journey will be tough, but you have to carry on.
  • Open Source is very beneficial, for both learning technical skills and people skills.
  • Introvert people can do whatever they want.


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