My Journey of "Getting out of my Comfort Zone"!

My Journey of "Getting out of my Comfort Zone"!

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Seema Saharan
·Dec 16, 2020·

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A lot of you have things in mind like: Can I do this? Can I learn this tech in this much amount of time? Can I even start a YouTube channel? Can I write technical blogs? Can I add some value to someone's life? Well not here to brag here, but I just want to share my experience, and maybe you feel motivated somehow and apply that. And if you do, then please let me know, I will be so happy, that I did something good.

Whatever happened this year was not a surprise for all of us, I was in my final year, and soon I was going to start with my exams, and then I would be a graduate, and start my career in tech as an Engineer. But who thought that something new, and exciting is already planned for me.

Tough to Start: Took challenges

For the first month, I just binged-watch shows and wasted some time, but then I thought I can take advantage of this time and can improve more things, I started attending workshops, but I always wanted to teach people, I tried that too "FAILED", why? I don't really know, but I was doing it for free. Anyway, I got somehow demotivated, because people will take you for granted forever if you don't show them your value.

So, after that, I participated in my first Hackathon. You heard it right, I was going to complete my graduation but never took part in any Hackathon. Why? Because I was so afraid of the word itself. But I don't know, I took this challenge, and yeah I didn't win, but there were a lot of learnings.

After that, another challenge was already waiting for me, and that was writing technical blogs. Woah, what a name? Does that scare you as well? Well, this did a quite good job scaring me for a long time. But there was a competition going on called Blogger' week by Tesseract Coding, and I was like, Hell yeah, I am going to do that, the worst that can happen is I will fail, be it.

You won't believe that I got the first position in that, shocking right!!

Not even that, It got published on Analytics Vidhya Medium publication.

My first talk in a Conference

After that Rohit approached me to write some blog, so yeah, I was confident to write but the confusion was, about what? I didn't know about the tech well at that time, so I learned and wrote about Understanding Azure DevOps.

Let me know if you like it or not.

Then I got my first offer for speaking at a conference. That day was huge for me. I was nervous too, but I managed, and it went well.

Started Open Source Contributions

After this, I started to explore Open Source, how to contribute to that, well it wasn't easy, it got me a full month just to understand what a pull request is, and how to make one. But yeah, I did, I practiced a lot. Amazing thing is that I got to know about GitLab, and the Hackathon, I tried to contribute, it was a lot confusing, trust me, when I say this, I was just a newbie, and it took a lot of time to understand the whole point of open source contributions, why? There was no one to guide me, which later led to my YouTube channel, I will discuss that later. But yeah, I made my FIRST MERGE REQUEST on GitLab.

I got my first ever swag.❤❤❤
Thank you @gitlab @rspaik for this gift.
Thank @rajendra_ak for telling me about this.#myfirstMRmerged

— Seema Saharan 🌟BashWoman🌟 (@SeemaSaharan5) October 19, 2020

Well, you will think that is there only wins? No, definitely not, I had lots of failures too, but I want to share these right now. :D

Started my YouTube channel!

YT Bash Woman

Then came my YouTube channel!!!


  1. Give back to the community.
  2. Help someone.
  3. Collaborate.

This year was full of taking risks, why risks? Because, I am a person who likes to be in her comfort zone, and this year I got out of it. So, if you reading this, please get out of your comfort zone, it will not be easy, but you can do that! I always say, "If I can, then you definitely can." I was the laziest person you will ever know, and now I am working a lot, like in my whole life, I haven't worked this much.


  1. I got to help so many people this year, that's the best thing I could do for someone.
  2. Got out of my comfort zones: wrote blogs, made/making videos.
  3. Got 1k+ SUBSCRIBERS! Support me if you like my content.

I have missed many of my wins, but these helped me to get more. So, JUST START!! All the very best.


I have my biggest goal for 2021. I never do that, but I wanna help 10k people in 365 days. Possible? No idea, but I will do that.

— Seema Saharan 🌟BashWoman🌟 (@SeemaSaharan5) December 15, 2020

I hope I will be able to do that. Support me if you want/can.

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