Real Wonder Women

Real Wonder Women

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Seema Saharan
·Mar 1, 2021·

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"Whenever you hear that a woman is a leader for some company, we doubt her, if she is right for the position, we doubt her capabilities, that if she could do the same work that a man can do."

And personally, I can never doubt a women's hard work, they do it with more dedication and more interest than men, at least I have seen that they put everything to get one job, and even taking care of the family, with the job, and other things. So, how can we doubt that women can not do one simple task?

I have two perspectives for women in tech or in any field.

1. Treat them equally

We, women want to be treated the same as men, we have the same job, same work, then why the bias?

  • Treat them equally.
  • Respect their work.
  • If they don't do that the right way, tell them, they will do better the next time. But don't tell them that you are a woman, that's why you couldn't do the work properly.

2. Organize New Programs to appreciate Women

We already have many programs that encourage women to join tech, but I see that women are not yet aware of them, so we must spread awareness first, that people are doing something for you, to encourage you, to work in this field.

I #ChooseToChallenge that we Treat them equally like any other employee, don't doubt their work just because of their gender and appreciate them.

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